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Tallow Lip Balm

Tallow Lip Balm

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Tallow Lip Balm in a form of a pomade, is based on tallow in two formulations that provide deep nourishment, regeneration and protection of the lips: 

CACAO - with cocoa butter, beeswax and lanolin, this is your absolute favorite, with a pleasant chocolate aroma. 

PURE - with the shortest possible ingredient list, which many of you have asked for, in addition to tallow contains only two essential for lip care natural waxes - beeswax and lanolin.

Tallow is great for nourishing and softening lips, keeping them smooth and supple. Beeswax creates a natural barrier, retaining moisture and protecting from the environment. Lanolin soothes and repairs dry lips, adding softness and a healthy appearance. In addition, the cocoa butter present in CACAO balm prevents dryness and is also responsible for that pleasant chocolate aroma.

As always expected from our products, Tallow Lip Balm is also an all-natural approach to skin care, containing no toxic ingredients. Avoiding plastic packaging, the balms are packaged in paper tubes without a screw mechanism, the product is squeezed from the bottom. Actually intended for lip care, however, it can be successfully applied to the skin wherever additional protection, regeneration and nourishment is required.


Ingredients: Tallow from Polish organic grass-fed cattle, beeswax from a Polish apiary, ultra-pure lanolin.

Ingredients: Adeps Bovis (Beef) tallow, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Lanolin.


Ingredients: Tallow from Polish organic grass-fed cattle, natural, unrefined, certified cocoa butter, beeswax from a Polish apiary, ultra-pure lanolin.

Ingredients: Adeps Bovis (Beef) tallow, Theobroma Cacao (Cacao) Seed Butter, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Lanolin.

Note - when opening for the first time you may need to use considerable force to squeeze the lipstick out of the package, it may help to warm it in your hands before attempting to open it. The uneven surface of the product and presence of a hollow centre is a natural occurrence due to volume change when wax cools down. The surface will naturally even out after several applications.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Świetny produkt, usta są przyjemnie miękkie ale nie klejące jak po drogeryjnych produktach. Zdecydowanie czuć, że jest to produkt jakościowy. Warto spróbować :)


Muszę przyznać, że nigdy wcześniej nie miałam tak dobrze i długo nawilżonych ust. Fantastyczny produkt! Jedyny minus, który trochę utrudnia jego użytkowanie to papierowe opakowanie. Myślę, że to jest do poprawy, ale sam produkt w sobie jest meeeega :)

Jest ok

Pomadkę kupilam z myślą o mojej córce, która koniecznie chciała szminkę... a że nie zgadzam się na chemiczne rzeczy to kiedy zobaczylam.ze BFF ma w ofercie coś takiego bez wahania zamowilam. Korzysta cala rodzina finalnie. Usta są super nawilżone i zabezpieczone.

Jedynie co nam nie odpowiada to kartonowe opakowanie, ktore brzydko sie niszczy i brudzi, robi sie bardzi nieestetczne ... może warto byłoby zamienić na mniejszy słoiczek?

Roksana T.

polecam! nawilża i nie uzależnia ust jak inne pomadki, przez które usta robiły się suche i tak w kółko :) ta pomadka to ideał i pachnie cudnie

Mięciutkie usteczka

Balsam noszę ciągle przy sobie, dzięki niemu moje usta są nawilżone. Miałam problem z suchymi wargami, teraz gdy mam pod ręką balsam ten problem zniknął. :)



we source suet from Polish, befriended organic farms, where the cows are fed, in harmony with nature, exclusively grass

we render suet into tallow and purify it in a natural process, without the use of chemicals or deodorizing agents, therefore we guarantee its purity as well as its full nutritional content.

the composition of tallow lies at the heart of it's


tallow naturally moisturisers and helps maintain the skin's hydration levels

helps maintain the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from harmful external factors

contains natural fatty acids that soothe inflammation and irritation

contains many nutrients that are beneficial to skin health.



with proven effects, without unnecessary processing, chemicals, fragrance or enhancers

tallow-based cosmetics are compatible with human skin, as the composition of tallow is similar to that of natural lipids found in the skin, so it can be easily absorbed by the skin, nourishing it from the outside in.

Natural skin care products for


our balms can be applied all over the body, wherever nourishment, moisturisation and targeted care is needed

different formulations, in which we combine tallow with other natural ingredients, serve to respond to individual needs of different skin and skin types, applications as well as preferences and scent expectations.