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Sage Hydrosol Organic

Sage Hydrosol Organic

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Our tallow balms do not contain water, therefore we recommend applying them to damp skin for faster absorption and additional hydration. Hydrosols are perfect for this, additionally enriching skincare regimen with their unique properties.

Cultivated for thousands of years, clary sage remains highly valued for its therapeutic effects. Thanks to the variety of active ingredients contained in the plant, it makes it a versatile skincare product, also widely used in herbalism and aromatherapy.

Our aromatic hydrosol, with its fresh, herbal fragrance, primarily exhibits cleansing, stimulating and astringent properties. This makes it a perfect tonic for oily, problematic and acne-prone skin, and for the scalp and hair.

With its soothing properties and ability to regulate sebum secretion, the hydrosol can also be used as a spray for the scalp and for dull and damaged hair.

It can also be used as a tonic for the skin to cleanse and calm the complexion, further regenerating it. Because of the subtle invigorating properties of sage, some sources suggest using the hydrosol as a stimulating body spray also for cellulite.

The hydrosol may also be used as a natural deodorant spray or as an addition to natural deodorising treatment for the skin, spraying directly under the arms, on the feet and all over the body. It has been suggested that it can help to manage excessive sweating.

Naturally, one of the traditional uses of sage hydrosol has been as a natural mouthwash.

The hydrosol is distilled locally in Poland exclusively from organically certified plants. As usual for us, it is a highly concentrated product, free of any chemicals and preservatives.

Ingredients: 100% Salvia Officinalis Leaf Water
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Świetny! Świeży i kojący tonik.



we source suet from Polish, befriended organic farms, where the cows are fed, in harmony with nature, exclusively grass

we render suet into tallow and purify it in a natural process, without the use of chemicals or deodorizing agents, therefore we guarantee its purity as well as its full nutritional content.

the composition of tallow lies at the heart of it's


tallow naturally moisturisers and helps maintain the skin's hydration levels

helps maintain the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from harmful external factors

contains natural fatty acids that soothe inflammation and irritation

contains many nutrients that are beneficial to skin health.



with proven effects, without unnecessary processing, chemicals, fragrance or enhancers

tallow-based cosmetics are compatible with human skin, as the composition of tallow is similar to that of natural lipids found in the skin, so it can be easily absorbed by the skin, nourishing it from the outside in.

Natural skin care products for


our balms can be applied all over the body, wherever nourishment, moisturisation and targeted care is needed

different formulations, in which we combine tallow with other natural ingredients, serve to respond to individual needs of different skin and skin types, applications as well as preferences and scent expectations.