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Beyond Functional Food (BFF.BIO) is a project driven by passion to create all-natural and non-toxic cosmetics as well as innovations in dietary supplementation, inspired by the practices of our ancestors, in harmony with nature and human biology. 

We believe that the key to optimizing health is a holistic look at the human being and one of the elements is also a return to non-toxic, chemical-free, minimal and  simple cosmetics. We focus on the source, quality and strength of our raw materials, and knowing their potential, we create cosmetics with the shortest possible ingredients listing, without chemicals and unnecessary fillers.

We are not afraid to pave the way and innovate in returning to our roots, which is why we were the first, in this part of the world, to launch tallow balms and soap, including a single-ingredient balm for face and body, while aspiring to be the leading cosmetic producer of grass-fed beef tallow in Europe.

We seek funds and invest our own resources in research and development to walk the path of innovation and continuous improvement of our products. As a very small team, we offer a work environment full of ideas and mutual inspiration, and a constant desire to change the world for the better.

If such values are close to your heart, and you want to contribute to a dynamic project while growing with it, then you are in good company, join the disruption of a return to nature and health that we are creating through BFF.BIO.

Our company location is in Warsaw and Wroclaw in Poland and working with us currently requires a minimum of conversational knowledge of polish language, hence our job openings and application process is available exclusively in polish. 

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